Jeavons Chocolate:

"Plamil were one of the first vegan companies we were aware of when we became vegan almost 30 years ago, and we’ve been customers ever since. When we first started to develop our toffee recipes and wanted to coat some in chocolate, Plamil were our first and only thought. Not only does their chocolate provide the perfect flavour accompliment to our recipes, but ethically we share the same values. As fellow owners of a vegan factory by choosing Plamil's chocolate we’re assured that it is completely animal-free with no risk of dairy contamination, and that there’s no exploitation of human labour in its production - two of our main concerns. Plamil has saved us the groundwork of producing our own chocolate and gives us one less thing to worry about.”


Winning Ways:

"Plamil have supplied us with vegan chocolate for many years.  The quality of the product and service we receive has always been excellent.

The knowledge and expertise within their team has always been shared freely and helped us as a small company to navigate the demands required for vegan production with no alibi statements."