No Added Sugar Oat M!lk - Alternative to Milk Chocolate Micro Drops 7.5kg

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Vegan | Rainforest Alliance Certified | Dairy Free | Gluten Free | Wheat Free | Non-GMO | Pareve Kosher | Palm Oil Free | Cruelty Free


A velvety alternative to milk chocolate made without upsetting any dairy cows by using oat m!lk instead.  This wonderful cruelty free vegan option comes in a micro drop format with a perfect smooth creamy flavour just like milk chocolate with no compromise on taste.   This product is made with UK grown oats. It is perfect for professionals wanting a vegan alternative to milk chocolate.  

These micro size drops provide a great number of pieces to value ratio making them more economical than chocolate chips in many applications.  

 Our 7.5 kg boxes are filled with our premium vegan milk chocolate alternative. They are perfect for professionals, whether cooking, baking, catering or much more.

Coming to you direct from the vegan manufacturer with no risk of dairy milk contamination. This gluten free chocolate is suitable for those suffering from coeliac disease. It is certified Pareve Kosher by KLBD.   

It is a no added sugar product certified by Sugarwise. It is often called sugar free but there are naturally occurring sugars in the cocoa.  The total sugars content is 1g per 100g. 

We never use palm fat in our chocolate, so this palm free product helps bakers and chocolatiers to keep all their own formulas palm free. 

By working with Rainforest Alliance we are proud to be an advocate of slave free chocolate. 

Typical use:

Easy-to-melt. Our exciting, totally plant based oat m!lk product can be melted and re-tempered.  

 Great for butter creams, ganaches, mousses and for drizzling on cakes.  A wonderful ingredient for cake toppings and cake layers. Lovely for enrobing fruit.  It also works as an inclusion in, trail mixes, energy bars, granola mixes and cake decorations etc. Easy-to-melt.  

With additional vegetable oil this will be perfect for a chocolate fountain. 

Ideal in brownies, muffins, trail mixes, energy bars, granola mixes, cake decorations or baked goods etc.  

 Good for enrobing and moulding. Create your own vegan bars and confections.  

 This product can also be flavoured.  

 A perfect item for refill shops. 


Supplied in tempered milk chocolate alternative micro drop format. 

Perfect for melting and re-tempering.

See our guide to tempering vegan chocolate here.


Typical drop size:

5mm - 7mm

 Pack size:

7.5kg box.

Fluidity: (1 drop = least fluid, 5 drops = most fluid)

Specification Sheet: