Vegan Chocolate for Professionals

High quality vegan chocolate ingredients to help you create the perfect cakes and confections.

Making chocolate chip cookies with vegan chocolate chips

No Added Sugar

Baking for dietary needs such as no added sugar chocolate for diabetics?

Or making something that needs to be suitable for a keto or low carb diet?

Our no added sugar chips are available in melting and bake stable formats.

Smooth melting vegan oat milk chocolate

Oat Milk Chocolate Alternative

We have just launched our oat alternative to milk chocolate.

Perfect for baking and much more.

Vegan dark chocolate micro drops in a bowl and a whisk

Micro Drops

Our delicious dairy free chocolate comes in a variety of sizes.

Perfect inclusions that provide a great number of pieces to value ratio, making them more economical in many applications.  

White, milk and dark chocolate chips

Buying for your business.

Buy our chocolate in large volumes directly from our website for hassle free ordering.

We provide our premium chocolate in 7.5kg boxes and it is delivered directly from our factory. All proudly made in the UK.

Free Delivery

On all orders to mainland UK.

Made in England

With the highest quality ingredients.

Manufacturered by Us

Delivered directly from our factory.

Raw cocoa beans and cocoa powder

Ethics and Sustainability

Guilt free chocolate. 

Ethics and sustainability come very high on our priority list.

All our chocolate is certified with the Rainforest alliance and made only with certified cocoa which means no child slave labour.

Plus everything that we sell on our website is 100% palm oil free chocolate.

Cocoa powder, roasted cocoa beans and cocoa nibs

About Us

We are the world leading manufacturer of premium vegan chocolate.

Our dairy free chocolate is available in a wide range including our much sought after dairy free white chocolate.

Dark vegan chocolate chips in a coconut

Our Factory

We make all our chocolate in our own factory, giving us control over every aspect of production.

This results in an amazingly high quality product that we supply to consumers, retailers, wholesalers and food catering / manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Vegan chocolate chip cookies, oven glove and a rolling pin on a tray

Recipes and Techniques

There are many applications in which you can use our chocolate.

Discover our favourite recipes over on our blog...

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No cross contamination with dairy.

The Chocolate Experts

Plant based & free from chocolate.

Cruelty Free

Ethics at the heart of our brand